Fees, Charges and Medicare






  • The vast majority of Optometric consultations are covered by Medicare.

  • Some consultations are not covered by Medicare, for example when contact lenses are being prescribed for the cosmetic purpose of changing eye colour. In those few cases where consultations have to be charged to the patient, this will be explained and discussed before any work is commenced.


    Consultation Fees

  • Most consultation fees are set by the Department of Health and our Optometrists charge only the scheduled fees. These are then covered by Medicare (see below).

  • For any consultations which are not covered by Medicare, we charge only the recommended fees and these fees will be explained to you by your Optometrist


    Sunglasses and Contact Lenses 

  • We charge only the recommended retail (or less) for all spectacles and contact lenses.

  • Concessions are available for Seniors & Pensioners.

  • Concessions are also available for children's spectacles.

  • Spectacles are provided at no cost for patients covered by Veterans Affairs.


    Veterans Affairs

    Spectacles and contact lenses are provided at no cost for patients covered by Veterans Affairs. Our staff will be pleased to advise you on your entitlement.


    Spectacles for the Disadvantaged

    Often there are people with a need for spectacles but who are not able to afford the cost, or part of it. Some State Governments provide limited assistance for people in need. Please talk to our staff and they will be pleased to explain the eligibility requirements and how to make an application.